Na'heestah's Lady Jórunn

AKA “Jórunn”, “Fifille”, “Froggo”


Born December 27th 2022

About Jórunn


Jórunn joined our pack in March 2023 from Na’heestah’s Northern Inuits. She’s our first Inuit and, if she passes her tests, our first brood bitch. We have no doubt she will make a great mother, as she started to show strong maternal instincts at 12 months old already.

Jórunn is whiny and stubborn like her mother, but very sociable and absolutely fearless, quite mature for her age, and very affectionate with her whole family. She’s obsessed with food, making training sessions very easy, but when it comes to making her listen in any situation, we’re not quite there yet.


Discover Jórunn's ancestry

For security reasons, official pedigrees are only available upon request

Olderhill Alpha Hermione

@ Na'heestah - "Faehlie" (Dam)


  • Dam : Olderhill Alpha Wolfie
    • Dam : Rubign Princess Ruby Pacino
    • Sire : Olderhill Alpha Black Eagle
  • Sire : Olderhill Alpha Winter Solstice
    • Dam : Olderhill Alpha Nightbird
    • Sire : Olderhill Alpha Dream Maker

Na'heestah's Mister Ghayan

"Ghayan" (Sire)


  • Dam : Na’heestah’s Lady Bao
    • Dam : Machine Lady Eos @ Na’heestah
    • Sire : Mahlek Ochi Memoriam bono fractre @ Honiahaka
  • Sire : Honiahaka Follow your Dreams
    • Dam : Honiahaka Kizzi Kon-Tikki
    • Sire : Olderhill Alpha Winter’s Sunset @ Honiahaka


Health & Genetics


COI : 12%

Health : clear (including DM)


Planned for summer 2024


Planned for summer 2024