A passion-fueled project


House of the Wolf was created from a strong desire to promote a wonderful dog breed, and somehow also strive to reconcile humans with wolves.

Dogs exist thanks to an ancient collaboration between humans and wolves. They were majestic creatures who, over time, accepted to live with us and assist us in exchange for food and shelter. And yet, wolves are now seen as pests, especially in our region of Wallis in Switzerland, where they are often illegally hunted.

And yet, there has always been something fascinating about them. The wolf has been used as a symbol for good (family, freedom, loyalty, protection, wisdom) and for bad (chaos, destruction), and has inspired many mythical creatures. That fascination still exists today, and many people dream of living with a wolf.

What if they could have the next best thing ?

Ethical breeding

Our primary activity will be to breed Northern Inuits ethically and place them in good homes. Our priorities will be :

Genetic health

We will put great care into avoiding inbreeding and genetic diseases.


We will strive to keep and improve the wolf-alike appearance of the Northern Inuit.


We will also strive to preserve their family dog character through careful selection.


We will do our best to prepare our puppies for their future life.

Family business

Our dogs are family members and business partners, not vending machines.


We will select our puppies’ future owners carefully and keep in contact with them.

… and much more !

We’re also planning other activities with our dogs, including :


Organizing photoshoots with our dogs
for any occasion


Training our dogs to act
for movies or music videos

Outdoor experiences

Allowing people of all ages to spend
some time among our dogs