House of the Wolf

A passion-fueled project

The girl you see in the picture has always loved dogs. A few short years after the picture was taken, when asked what gift she wanted for a very special occasion, she would not hesitate for a second. After some negotiations, she became responsible for the life of a little Norfolk terrier. In the end he educated and socialized her much better than she educated him.

The girl in the picture has no idea that about 20 years later, she would be holding a lot more puppies and trying to make a living from it. At first, she would follow the advice of her parents. Study, get a good degree and a comfortable job. But after getting all of her degrees and trying to make it as a freelance web designer, she came to realize that it left her feeling empty, stressed and ironically, poor.

But through her formal education and self-learning, she came to realize that she could make a living from any hobby, as long as she had a solid plan and was willing to work for it. At the time, she was eagerly waiting to adopt her first wolfalike dog, and quickly realized she had found her true purpose in life. This is how House of the Wolf was born.

Carried by that girl, her man and their amazing pack, this project aims to promote wolfalike dogs through breeding and other activities, as well as helping to heal the ancestral fear of  wolves.

Ethical breeding

Our primary activity will be to breed wolfalike dogs ethically and place them in good homes. Our priorities will be :

Genetic health

We will put great care into avoiding inbreeding and genetic diseases.


We will strive to keep and improve their wolfy looks


We will also strive to preserve their family dog character through careful selection.


We will do our very best to prepare our puppies for their future life.


Our dogs are family members and partners,
not vending machines.


We will select our puppies’ future owners carefully and keep in contact with them.

… and much more !

We’re also planning other activities with our dogs, including :


Animations in festivals

Outdoor experiences