Meet the team !

The 4-leggeds


Shima Onida The Grisha

Timber Dog
aka “Puppy”, “Grishette”

We brought our latest pack member all the way from England ! She’s a very sweet and generally calm girl, except when she zooms like crazy with her sister. She loves to lick everything very aggressively, especially her big brother’s snout.


Na’heestah’s Lady Jórunn

Northern Inuit
aka “Puppy”, “Fifille”, “Froggo”

In addition to her dog & wolf heritage, she’s 30% cow and 20% frog, with a bit of cat sprinkled on top. She’s possessed at 60% by an angel and at 40% by a demon. Her ultimate goal in life is to destroy every last lawn on the planet. She has a superpower that makes you her pet whenever she puts her head on the side of the bed and looks deep into your soul.


Niki von der Lueg

Bernese Mountain Dog
aka “Puppy”, “Bernouille”, “Sir Poopsalot”

Niki joined us in January 2020, shortly after we moved in together.

He’s the sweetest boy ever and the mascot everywhere he goes. He always pulls when we pass his favorite bars, because he knows everyone will give him scritches.

Even though he can never be a father, he’ll be a great uncle to all the puppies we’ll have over the next few years. After he teaches them to eat every tissue in the street, that is.

The 2-leggeds


aka "Honey"


The girl behind the screen and in front of the camera !

After I struggled for a decade studying for a trade I didn’t enjoy, I decided to make a living from a passion I had since I was a little girl : dogs! I found the perfect breed for me and designed my future using the business tools I’ve accumulated in my education and experience. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it sure as hell will be amazing !


aka "Honey"


The guy behind the camera, most of the time !

He learned to really like dogs when we started dating, and later fell in love with Bernese mountain dogs. He would have a whole bunch of them if he could.

He currently works full time in IT, but thankfully he can work from home most days. Maybe in a few years he can quit his job and work full time with puppies instead !