Have you ever dreamed of cuddling with a wolf on your couch ?

You’re in the right place. WOLFALIKES are dogs with a wolf-like appearance. Wolfalike breeder aim for a lower wolf content than wolfdogs, which gives them a more manageable temper, fit for a family dog.


We aim to promote these wonderful dogs through ethical breeding, photoshoots and other activities.

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House of the Wolf is a wolfalike breeding project based in Wallis, Switzerland

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Currently consisting of 4 hands,
4 feets and 12 paws

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If you’re interested in adopting, we don’t have an official waiting list just yet but you can still leave us a message to make a first contact.

If you’re a breeder, photographer, journalist, pet-related brand or you have an active social media account, we’re always looking for ways to collaborate with other people, so don’t hesitate to contact us as well !

We speak French and English fluently. You can write to us in German as well but fair warning: the answer will come from translation tools. Please don’t write in Swiss-German, we won’t understand a word of it !